Tree & Shrub Sale – A Buyer’s Guide

Tree & Shrub Sale – A Buyer’s Guide

Every August, Old Mill hosts our annual tree & shrub sale.  For the month of August, all trees & shrubs are 30% OFF.

Here’s a quick guide to some of the most common trees & shrubs used in our Landscape Designs and purchased at the Garden Center.


Tree & Shrub Buying Guide

Trees can be broken down into 3 categories; Ornamental, Evergreen & Shade.


Ornamental Trees are usually flowering or have some special feature like shape or color. These trees are a great addition to any landscape design and work well with shade trees.  Here’s some popular ornamental trees:

Japanese Red Maple

Flowering Plum Tree

Weeping Cherry

Dogwood Tree



Evergreen Trees are great for year round color.  These trees keep their leaves all through a Long Island winter.  From a design perspective, evergreen trees work well as a privacy hedge and can be used along your property line. Common evergreens used in our designs are:


Leyland Cypress

Norway Spruce




Shade trees are used to provide relief from the sun.  These trees are best used around a pool, patio or deck and will add and interest to your landscaping. Here are a few shade trees that we like to work with:

Crape Myrtles

Fruit Trees: Cherry, Pear & Plum

Red Maple



We use shrubs in many different ways in our designs. Shrubs can be used as a privacy hedge, as specimen plants or as backdrop to flower beds.  Here are some popular shrubs:





Old Mill’s Tree & Shrub Sale

Our annual August sale offers 30% OFF all Trees & Shrubs.  Sale ends 8/31/17.


Have a Question?

If you have a questions about a tree, shrub or landscape design; feel free to contact us. Our Nursery Staff  has years of experience with trees, shrubs & design.  You can reach us at 516-679-6228.  Or if you are visiting the Garden Center, the staff will be more than happy to answer your questions.


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We have made getting your project done a little easier. We offer 100% financing for all your landscape projects.

You can read more about our simple financing here.


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