Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf


The use of Synthetic Turf has been on the rise over the last ten years. You may have noticed our local High Schools taking advantage of the benefits of synthetic turf with new Turf installation on their sports fields.

Today’s synthetic turf is not your daddy’s astro-turf of yesteryear. This new turf  looks and acts like grass and is 100% recyclable. Using Synthetic Turf is no longer a fad but a cost effective alternative to sod or seeding.

Popular Areas for Synthetic Turf:

We are currently installing Synthetic Turf for customers for their Landscapes, Putting Greens and Pet areas.


Synthetic Turf is Great for:

Shady or hard to reach landscapes

Complex walkways

Dry, compacted clay beds

Large, difficult-to-mow areas

Pool Areas

Surrounding Deck Areas


Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Safe for children and pets

Saves on water

Low Maintenance

Lowers weekly landscaper fees

Suitable for any climate, including extremely hot or cold locales

Environmentally friendly – no water or harsh chemicals required to maintain

Designed to drain just like real grass


Infill for Synthetic Turf is 100% Organic

Our Synthetic Turf requires an infill to make the grass more comfortable and stable.

When turf started to get popular, installers used recycled car tires for the infill. 🙁

We use a 100% organic infill made of coconut shells and fibers.  The organic infill is safer for kids & the environment.  The use of a quality infill keeps your grass mold free and controls the heat, so you can walk on your grass.


Synthetic Turf is a great way to make your outdoor living space look great.  It’s a low cost, low maintenance alternative to grass for pet areas, high traffic areas, hard to reach landscapes & pool areas.

You can request an estimate online here or call for an appointment at 516-679-6228

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