How to Pick the Best Christmas Tree

How to Pick the Best Christmas Tree


Picking out a Christmas Tree can be a fun yearly tradition. Knowing How to pick the best Christmas will make all the difference.

Here’s a few Tips that will help you pick the Christmas Tree that is just right for you.


Measure. Measure Again & Measure a Little More

When you visit the Garden Center, you will notice our Trees are free standing. We do this so you know what your tree will look like when you bring it home. Try not to purchase a tree that is still wrapped up and in a pile.

To ensure your tree will fit just right in your home, you will have to make sure to measure a few things.

Ceiling Height

Measure your ceiling height, (floor to ceiling).  This will give you a starting point of how tall your tree can be.

Christmas Tree Stand

Measure the height of your Christmas tree stand. This will add a few inches to the height of your tree.

The Tree Topper

Ah, the Tree Topper! We all forget to take the tree topper into consideration when measuring for a tree.  Make sure you leave some extra room.

Tree Depth

Another measurement we forget to measure is the depth of the tree.  Our trees are free standing,  so you can quickly determine the depth of your tree. So make sure you measure the area depth where your tree will be set up.

Taking a minute with these measurements will help prevent from having to do a recut of your tree at home.


Tree Quality

There are three major grades the U.S. Department of Agriculture assigns Christmas Trees. Ranking from the best grade are U.S. Premium, U.S. No. 1 & U.S. No. 2.

Old Mill only offers U.S. Premium Graded Trees, the highest grading a Christmas Tree can earn.


Tree Types

Balsam & Fraser

Old Mill offers two types of Christmas Trees. We have a Balsam Fir & a Fraser Fir.


The Balsam Fir needles are two-toned with dark green on top and silver underneath. A Balsam shape is symmetrical and has a wonderful evergreen smell. Balsam Fir trees have flexible branches and its needles will last a long time so if you plan to put up your tree early and want it up through the New Year, a Balsam could be your best choice.


The Frasier Fir needles are a silvery green, about 1” long and are soft. A Fraser also has a great shape and holds its needles well, even after cutting. Its branches are sturdy enough for heavier ornaments.



There are a lot of tips to ensure your Christmas Tree is fresh. The Trees that we select for you are Premium Graded Trees. That means they are the best trees available.

The easiest way to test a tree’s freshness and ensure your tree will last throughout the season, (make sure it’s watered), is to just gently grab a branch at its base and pull your hand toward you. The needles should stay on the tree. Also, look for an even color throughout the tree. A tree will look a dull gray-green if it’s too dried out.


Preparing to take your Tree home

Before your leave Old Mill with your Christmas Tree, make sure you freshen your Tree’s trunk.  Our Staff will cut off about a half inch from the bottom of the trunk. This fresh cut will allow the tree to absorb more water, so your tree will hold its needles and keep its color throughout the holiday season. Please put your tree in water as quickly as you can after making the cut.


We are here to Help

Old Mill Nurseries is fully staffed for the Holiday Season.  Our staff are here to help you pick out your Tree, Wreathes, Blankets, Evergreen Pots and holiday décor.

Our Staff  will help you pick your tree, carry it for you, freshen the tree trunk, and wrap it up snugly and securely to your car.


Holiday Hours

For the Holiday Season Old Mill will be open:

Monday – Tuesday: 8am-5pm

Wednesday: 8am-8pm

Thursday – Saturday: 8am-9pm

Sunday: 9am-8pm


If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 516-679-6228