Old Mill Nurseries – Our Services, Part Two

Old Mill Nurseries – Our Services, Part Two


Over the last few years, we have expanded our services to make things more convenient for our clients.

Here’s a list of our Services –  Part Two:

Here’s Part One.


Landscape Lighting

Our Lighting team can help you design a new lighting system and install it.  The team specializes in outdoor living spaces, landscapes and security lighting.



Our Masonry team will help you with new patios, steps and driveways.


Shrub Spray

Shrub Spray is a great service that helps save your trees and shrubs.  Long Island has been under attack from a little pest called Leaf Minor.  The bug digs into the leaves of your trees and turns them brown.  You may have seen all the brown Arborvitaes withering on Long Island.  Our program fights that along with mold and other tree diseases.  We also offer a winter protective barrier that prevents your plants drying out from exposure to a cold & windy Long Island winter


Synthetic Turf

Old Mill offers modern, high tech synthetic turf for your Landscapes, Pets areas and Golf Greens.  Synthetic Turf is safe for kids & pets and it a low cost, low maintenance alternative to sod or seeding.


Mosquito Squad

Our Mosquito Squad team allows you to take back your yard.  We apply a barrier spray around your home every 21 days throughout the season. Our Barrier Spray kills and prevents mosquitoes and ticks from ruining your time outside.



We have made is easy to get your project done with our special Financing.  You can read more about our Financing Options here.


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You can request an estimate online here, or you can call us at 516-679-6228 to schedule your appointment.