Made in the Shade

Made in the Shade

We all seem to have that spot in our garden or yard; the shady area. Just because your garden has that one bare area doesn’t mean you can’t brighten it up with some eye-catching, shade-tolerant plants and shrubs.


Your shady area is most commonly caused by the canopy of larger trees. Those trees provide a cool oasis in the warmer months, but they can also prevent lower plants from growing.


Landscaping a shady area in your backyard is easier than you think. We have created a quick list of plants, shrubs & ground cover that will thrive in low light and bring your garden back to life.


Flowers – Perennials

These shade tolerant flowers can be planted once and will come back year after year.

*Lamb’s Ears


Flowers – Annuals

These flowers love the shade and have to be planted each season.

*Baby Blue Eyes


Shrubs & Small Trees

These shrubs and small trees add some height to your shade garden.

*Japanese Maple


Ground Cover

These ground cover plants are great for covering larger areas and do well in the shade.

*Lily of the valley


You no longer have to stare at the empty and shady part of your garden. With this list of shade flowers, shrub and trees, you can now brighten up your shady garden.


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