Flowers that will Bloom all Summer

Flowers that will Bloom all Summer

From large back yard gardens to decorative pots, these annuals will add that burst of color that will last all summer.

Annuals are flowers that last one growing season from spring to fall and will last until the first hard frost of autumn.

Take a look at these flowers, all of them are great for your garden, containers and hanging baskets.  All these flowers will provide color all summer long.


Lantanas are easy to care for and have an extended bloom time. This summer flower is great for the garden, containers or hanging baskets. If you have a lot of sun in your garden, these long blooming flowers are for you.
Lantanas attract butterflies and hummingbirds. .


Begonias are another long blooming flower that are great for flower beds and hanging pots. They grow in partial shade or indirect bright light.

New Guinea Impatiens

The New Guinea Impatiens is not to be confused with their cousin, Impatiens. This hardy impatiens is a hybrid that has bright flowers and do great in semi-sunny spots. These flowers are sturdier than Impatiens and grow taller, up to two feet.


Impatiens are real easy to grow and are smaller than their New Guinea cousin. Impatiens like filtered light or shade and fast-draining soil. Impatiens are great for container gardening or plant beds.


Geraniums like the sun, but need a little shade in the summer months. These flowers are also popular for flower beds and containers.


Marigolds are easy to keep. These dependable flowers like full sun and well-drained soil. Marigolds help repel insect pests and are planted as a border or around vegetable gardens.


Vinca is another summer flower that is easy to care for. If you don’t have much time to tend your garden, than Vinca is your flower of choice. Vinca do well as a border flower in flowerbeds, as an accent to rock gardens and in containers.


Petunias are very popular flower for garden bedding and hanging baskets. They like the full sun but do okay in partial shade. If you have a lot of garden to cover, Petunias get the job done. This flower blooms throughout the summer except in extreme heat.


These annual flowers are easy to care for, do great in gardens, handing baskets and containers. All come in a variety of colors and will add a punch of color all summer long


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