Why Fall is a Great Time for Planting

Why Fall is a Great Time for Planting

Most people are surprised when they hear that Fall on Long Island is a great time to plant. The Fall planting season is only second to Spring.

The growing season in the Fall lasts until the ground freezes.  In most cases, the ground on Long Island doesn’t freeze until December, so October and November are great for planting.

Why is Fall Great for Planting?

There are three reasons why Fall is for Planting:

  1. The cooler weather.  The Fall air is great for new plantings. When the temps drop, the plants are less stressed.
  2. Less water is needed.  Because the temps are lower, water evaporates slower, leaving more moisture for the roots.
  3. Better weed control.  Once again, the cooler temps.  Even though weeds seem to love all seasons, the Fall is when weed seeds start to go dormant.  Less weed seeds, less weeds.

Fall planting on Long Island is great because the soil is still warm, allowing roots to grow until the ground freezes. Long Island rain n the Fall usually less than in the Spring, when the rains can just get in the way of planting. 

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