How to Avoid Landscape Light Pollution

How to Avoid Landscape Light Pollution

We guess the first question to answer is, What is Landscape Light Pollution?

When we visit our clients to help design a new Landscape Lighting layout, we see a lot of lights shining a lot of lighting all over the house, yards and trees.  We see lights shining into the home, lights creating glare and lights washing out their landscaping.  Too much landscape lighting is referred to light pollution. Light pollution also wastes a lot of energy.

The best way to avoid light pollution is to position your lights correctly.  The best way to guarantee that your lighting is positioned correctly is to position your lights at night over many evenings and at different times. When positioning your lights, make sure the light fixtures have reflectors to better aim the light where you need it. along with positioning your lights and making sure the light reflects correctly, the lights will yield a better result if you use low wattage bulbs.  Higher watt bulbs create a harsher light on your intended target.

If you follow these tips to avoid light pollution, you will have better results with your landscape lighting design.

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