Another Great Reason to Plant in the Fall

Another Great Reason to Plant in the Fall


There are definitely some great reasons to plant in the Fall. The cooler Fall weather is favorable for transplanting trees & shrubs,  friendly to plant root growth and helpful with weed control.

You can read more about the Benefits of Fall Planting here.


Here’s the Other Great Reason why Fall is Great for Planting

As the summer season comes to a close  and the Fall Planting season begins, local growers are sometimes overstocked.  The last thing growers want is to have a lot of inventory over the winter.

If growers are overstocked, they will offer great deals on trees, shrubs and perennials.  This year a few of our growers were sitting on additional stock and we took advantage.


A Great Deal

Old Mill has purchased stock in trees, shrubs and perennials and is passing the saving on to our customer.

For the remainder of the 2017, all trees, shrubs and perennials are 50% OFF.  Now Fall is even a greater time for Planting.


Schedule as Estimate

With the great pricing on Trees, Shrubs & Perennials, this is a great time to schedule an estimate for Landscape Design.  You can Request an Estimate here or call us at 516-679-6228.



This Fall gets even better with Financing Options.  When you speak to our Designers, make sure to ask about our Financing options.  You can read more about financing here.


If you have any questions about your Landscape, please give us a call at 516-679-6228




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