3 Types of Landscape Lighting

3 Types of Landscape Lighting

There are a lot of different lights you can use in your landscape design but these three lights are the most common we use with our customers on Long Island.


Path Light

Path Lights are the most common lights used in lighting design.  You probably have noticed these lights along walkways. They have small posts with a light topped with a diffuser.  These lights actually serve two purposes; lighting and design.  Path Lights are one of the few lights that are actually on display around your home.

Use Path Lights in your design to line walkways and driveways and to help create an accent for your plants or special garden features.


Bullet Light

Bullet Lights are the worker bee of landscape lighting.  These lights shoot a narrow beam of light at any feature you choose. They are compact and can be purposed for almost lighting task. These lights are great for showcasing a specimen tree or for soft lighting in a specific area.


Well Light

Well Lights are placed in the ground and used to illuminate the underside of your plants or accent the base of a wall.

These lights are great to add a dramatic effect to your lighting design.


Landscape Lighting is an excellent investment that adds security and value to your home.  If you have any questions about your existing lighting or have questions about new lighting, please give us a call at: 516-679-6228.



We have made getting your project done a little easier. We offer 100% financing for your lighting project.

Just ask us about financing when we visit for an estimate. You can read more about our simple financing here.


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